Seamed Lightweight Cotton stockings


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  • Solid Colored Seamed Lightweight Cotton stockings
  • Thigh high, Two sizes- Small or Large
  • 75% Cotton 25% Nylon
  • Available in 12 Colors

A lighter cotton stocking, great for the sultry summer weather. These fit beautifully into your everyday shoes and provide a thin lovely covering for your legs. A simulated seam runs down the back of these stockings, which gives them a little extra style and authenticity.

Historical Note-
A majority of the earliest non-handknit extant stocking examples surviving in museum collections feature a seam on the back of the leg. This occurred when they were produced on a stocking loom in a flat shape, then seamed together at the back to fit the leg. Seams survived in common fashion all the way up to recent times when modern ladies nylons in the 1950s were still being made with them.