Ethics & Environment

We understand and appreciate mindfulness in purchasing. Since Michael started this business he has always tried to make decisions based on what is right, not just convenient. That is the main reason why he has chosen to keep all of our manufacturing and as much sourcing of materials as possible right here in the United States. It reduces our carbon footprint, ensures ethical practices, and saves money by keeping things local. 

We're proud that the United States has many laws against things such as child labor, forced labor, and air and water pollution. All of the pre-dyed yarns we use and the items we have dyed adhere to these strictly enforced laws. As technology changes and processes develop, we are constantly looking for ways to make things even more environmentally friendly.

By making a good quality product that lasts a long time, we hope it contributes to less consumption and waste. Cheaply made "throw away" fashion isn't our goal. We've had several customers tell us that they've had a pair of our heavyweight stockings for over 10 years. Now that's a "long sock" story!

The majority of the yarn we use is of natural materials (cotton, silk, wool), not synthetics. At the absolute end of their life, our products are more likely to biodegrade and make a much smaller impact on landfills.

Any leavings, clips, or scrap from our manufacturing are recycled as much as possible. We frequently donate slightly damaged or cosmetically imperfect items to smaller Living History historic sites. Most of them are usually running on a shoestring budget. We love helping them out and seeing the items go to good use. :) 

We also do not produce a print catalog. By keeping our product listings online, we can help eliminate paper waste and keep our business costs down- which we can pass on to our customers. All packaging is kept to a minimum and necessary invoicing is printed on recycled paper. 

Overall, we do our best- but know that there's always room for improvement. We're always striving to do better. Our love of history tells us that we must continue being conscientious, so that we ALL can have a bright future.