Our History

Delp Stockings is a small American owned business started by Michael Delp in 1994. With a lifelong passion for history and the hobby of 18th century Living History reenacting, Michael was fortunate enough to happen upon the opportunity to do what he loved for a living.

Having had noticeable difficulties finding good quality 18th century stockings to wear with his historical reproduction clothing, he asked around and found that he wasn't alone. Many folks were looking for socks that would not only have the correct look for the time period they wished to portray, but would also hold up to actual use. He contacted a family member who was in the hosiery business and thus began Delp Stockings.
Since the beginning, he has personally field tested all of his products to make sure they are durable as well attractive.


Over the years the business has grown to include several different weights, materials, sizes, and styles of knit items, but remains based in the beautiful mountains of Virginia where it began. Michael continues to travel frequently to many fine Living History events throughout the United States, as well as personally oversees the mail order business.


 In 2012 Michael married his sweetheart Krista, a fellow Reenactor and historical clothing researcher. Together, they now happily operate Delp Stockings, from concept to delivery.

Their clientele include many historic sites, Costume Designers for television, stage and film production, vintage clothing enthusiasts, as well as Reenactors.

Since the beginning, Michael has strived to always provide a good quality product and to keep that product produced right here in the United States. He thinks those things are important and hopes that you will agree. 

We hope that you will buy some socks or gloves and try them out for yourself. Thank you for your consideration!