Seamed Heavyweight Cotton Stockings


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Seamed Heavyweight Cotton Stockings
Thigh High, Available in SM or LRG
99% Cotton 1% Nylon
Available in 14 Solid Colors

A thick, long wearing stocking that has a generous amount of cross stretch. From frosty mornings when a thinner style won't do, to summer days when a bit more texture is desired for your look- these stockings deliver. These were the first style we made as a company and are still a customer favorite. Now with the addition of a simulated seam down the back of the leg, for added style and authenticity. 

Historical Note-
A majority of the earliest non-handknit extant stocking examples surviving in museum collections feature a seam on the back of the leg. This occurred when they were produced on a stocking loom in a flat shape, then seamed together at the back to fit the leg. Seams survived in common fashion all the way up to recent times when modern ladies nylons in the 1950s were still being made with them.