Seamed Clocked Cotton Stockings


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  • Clocked Cotton Stockings
  • Thigh high, One Size Fits Most
  • 90% Cotton 8% Nylon 2% Lycra
  • 2 different color combinations
*Please note- We have recently expanded the cross stretch on these with the addition of Lycra. They should now fit more generous sized legs better. Yay!

With a lovely crown design on the side of the ankles, these stockings make a striking addition to your wardrobe. A simulated seam runs down the back of these stockings, which gives them a little extra style and authenticity.

Historical Note-
Clocking is defined as "a short embroidered or woven ornament on each side or on the outer side of a sock or stocking, extending from the ankle upward." Although it's origins are barely recorded, the use of ornamentation at the top of the gore area on stockings goes back centuries. For example- In 1695, Isobel Hunter was bound to apprentice for five years to Barbara Henderson in Edinburgh to be taught "embroidery of all sorts, white seam, lace and stocking-working" as well as "drawing and draughts" and writing. By the early 1700's the hand embroidered clocking decoration could be imitated on the stocking frame.