Heavyweight Wool Stockings


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  • Heavyweight Merino Wool stockings
  • Thigh high, One Size Fits Most
  • 99% Wool 1% Nylon
  • 3 solid colors

These socks are thick, durable, very long, and your best friend on a cold winter day. Our Slate color in this style is a very dark charcoal that is not quite black.

*If you do not see a color you're looking for in this style of Heavyweight Wool, please check out our Seamed Heavyweight Wool for additional options. Both styles are identical except the addition of a simulated seam in the newer style.

Historical Note:

In the mid 18th century a group of affluent, intellectual women led by the hostess Elizabeth Montagu formed a literary society in England which was referred to as "The Blue Stockings Society". Blue stockings were daytime or more informal wear and were also very fashionable for women in Paris at the time. Although it included both sexes until the late 18th century, the term "bluestockings" came to be subsequently applied primarily to educated intellectual women. The French equivalent "bas bleu" had a similar connotation.