Cotton Gear Socks


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  • Cotton Gear Socks
  • 99% Cotton 1% Nylon
  • Available in SM or LRG
  • SM in Grey & Black= 13.5 X 4.5 inches, un-stretched
  • LRG in Cream = 46 inches, un-stretched

These nifty knit gear socks/bags have lots of give to them and will expand quite a bit. 

The end on the SM size has a drawstring to secure contents. Handy to carry or help protect/pad your gear from dirt, scratches, and breakage, as well as corral small items.

The LRG size is long enough to house lengthy thin items, such as walking sticks, long arms, surveying tripods, and more. If you've got something long and thin to transport and want to help protect it, these are great!

*Contents not included.