Roll Garters


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  • Retro "flapper" inspired pretty Pink, Tan, & Blue roll garters
  • Soft covered nylon/spandex elastic
  • Available in 4 sizes in Pink, 3 sizes in Tan & Blue
  • Small (10.5"), Med (11.5"), Large (12.5") and Extra Large (13.5")

Very popular in the 1920s & 1930s and even worn by some up into the 1960s, the roll garter was used both to hold up the stockings, as well as a fashion statement. They were worn placed at the top of the stocking, then rolled into it as it was rolled down. These lovely little pink roll garters will make a wonderful finishing touch to your retro style clothing. They work wonderfully with our silk or lightweight cotton stockings.

Things to consider when picking your garter size:

The sizing on the roll garters is based on the circumference of the part of your leg (below the knee or above the knee/lower thigh) where you'd like it to fit. The measurements of the garters are the un-stretched minimum. 
Each garter will stretch a bit, but you don't want to get them so tight that they might not be comfortable to wear.

Choosing your garter size will also be affected by the thickness of the stockings you intend to wear with them. A thick heavyweight wool stocking will obviously be bulkier than a thin silk stocking and therefore cause more mass if you roll them. Some customers wear the heavier styles unrolled (or just rolled once or so) and do the multiple rolls on the thinner ones.